Cornerstone & Stepping Up Awards Term 3

posted: Mon, September 17, 2018

Congratulations to the following children who received the Stepping Up Awards for their class in Term 3.

Room Kauri: Jack Goddard
Room Kowhai: Eoin Simmons
Room Matai: Kayla Barnett
Room Miro: Sage Cotterill
Room Rata: Charlotte Vernon
Room Rimu: Anita Roy
Room Tawa: Meg Short
Room Totara: Mila Alaeinia

Congratulations to Joshua Gifford for receiving the Cornerstone Wheel.
Josh shows a quiet, modest and unobtrusive leadership within the school as a senior role model with the overall examples he sets.
He is a popular, friendly student with a quiet approach to all work, is extremely responsible and can always be relied upon to complete all tasks and responsibilities to the highest standard.
Josh is well organised and always ready for learning. His school work is of a very high standard and he thinks tasks through in a clear and concise manner.
He is respectful of everyone, children and adults alike and prefers to stay out of petty classroom and playground squabbles. He has a strong sense of fairness and will make a stand if he observes something that he sees as wrong and will stand up for someone being victimised in any way. He consistently displays initiative and is honest and truthful.
Josh’s cheerful, smiling approach to everything makes him a real pleasure to have in the class and school.

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