Cornerstone & Stepping Up Awards Term 1

posted: Thu, May 03, 2018

Congratulations to the following children who received the Stepping Up Awards for their class in Term 1.

Room Kauri: William Radesic
Room Kowhai: Chloe Holmes
Room Matai: Summer Botes
Room Miro: Raahi Rattan
Room Rata: Ciaran Monteith
Room Rimu: Boh Gaddum
Room Tawa: Jessica Day
Room Totara: Blake Harford

Congratulations to Jasmyn Purves for receiving the Cornerstone Wheel.

Jasmyn has settled into Kaharoa school life so seamlessly, it is like she has been here since year 1! Her work ethic is excellent and the effort she puts in is consistently high. Jasmyn enjoys extending herself and will strive to achieve the higher understanding in all subject areas. Maths is one of her many strengths, and her quiet determination has her achieving well across all curriculum areas. Jasmyn has joined our ‘famous in Kaharoa’ intermediate hockey squad and I am sure she will soon become a valued member of that team too.

Jasmyn demonstrates the Kaharoa Can-Do-Kid attitude and is not afraid to try new things and push herself out of her comfort zone. She knows when it’s OK to chat to her friends and when she needs to knuckle down and concentrate fully on an activity. I am sure this year at Kaharoa will provide her with leadership opportunities she will find useful during her high school years.

Well done Jasmyn, it is absolutely delightful to see such grit and determination within our student leadership team at such an early stage of the year.

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