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Dear Parents and Caregivers of Room Totara Pupils

Welcome to Room Totara for Term 2, 2018.

As you will be aware the teaching responsibilities for the class are being shared by me and Mrs. Adele Lyons for the remainder of the year. I am working Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Adele is working Fridays. We will be working together to ensure the class programmes mesh closely. We both bring some different strengths to the class, but at the same time our programmes will be very much the same throughout the week as we share very similar teaching philosophies.

The Key Competencies throughout the school this term will focus on Thinking and Communication. Our Social Studies topic for this term will focus on Communication Technology changes over time. Our Cornerstone Value is Honesty and Truthfulness, which is something I like to see in class at all times and so it fits well with my teaching philosophy. Initially however we will be doing a Science unit on Electrical Energy, more specifically focusing on Cells and Circuits and touching on Solar Energy and Static Energy, or Electricity in Nature.

In Maths I have decided that it would be more effective if I conduct the entire programme myself for Totara on my three days, as it is important that I get to know the abilities of all the pupils in this class. As such we have decided to stop the cross-over programme with Room Tawa, at least initially.

We will work through Subtraction, Multiplication and Division throughout this term at the very least. Mrs. Lyons is working on the Measurement strand on Fridays.

In Writing I will be having the class continue to experience a variety of writing genres. At present we are looking at report writing in conjunction with an ongoing Current Events programme. In this the class will look at regular Current Events issues globally and nationally. This will involve researching a topic and reporting on it. Our first topic in fact has been one which has been very much to the forefront recently, that of The Problem with Plastics.

I also intend to start work on a Spelling programme that will run alongside regular word study. This will also continue the Language Fitness programme run previously.

Reading will focus on a variety of differing approaches to ensure all of the class develops increased independence in reading with emphasis on an understanding of content.

Homework will continue to involve regular reading each night (at least 20 minutes), the learning of Spelling lists, and the finishing of any set work deemed to need completion, such as Current Events. I will very probably send home two or three Maths problems to be tried later in the term on a regular basis. I am happy for these to become a family activity, just as long as the pupils themselves are always involved. Having said that I don’t expect Homework to take more than 30 Minutes a night, not including the reading though. We will be working hard enough at School without children having to do too much at home on top. Everyone needs time to relax.

As part of our programme I am asking that all pupils get two 3B1 notebooks to add to their present Stationery lists. They will be provided from School and will add the princely sum of $0.80 cents to School invoices. One of these will be for the children to record their daily/weekly homework in and with their Spelling lists in the back. The other will be to record Maths processes for the pupils to keep and use as a reference book. These notebooks might also be useful for parents to unlock the “the secrets” of processes being taught that vary from those they learned at school. I include things such as renaming in subtraction algorithms and division techniques and the like. They will also include various formulae in Geometry etc.

Finally should you have any queries about anything concerning your child, please feel free to call in before School in the mornings, or possibly after school on Mondays. On Tuesdays I take a sports practice and on Wednesdays I have a staff meeting. I can also be reached by E-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by phone to the office to arrange a meeting time.

I look forward to catching up with everyone on occasions throughout the year and to work with your children in their continuing education.

Rick Merrington

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