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July 23, 2018.

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Room Totara Pupils

Welcome to Room Totara’s Term 3.

This term our Key Competency is “A Can Do Kid,” which brings into focus a quote I love to use. “If you say you can, or you say you can’t, either way you will almost certainly be right!” For me this competency comes down to self- belief and individuals not being afraid to try something new, learn something new, or just plain “Give it a Go.”

The Value for the term is Consideration and this is also very important and relevant for “young adults” on the verge of stepping off into the next stages in their learning lives.

To work towards these objectives we kick off the term with the Life Education Caravan on days 1, 2 and 3 this week. The enquiry focus for our class for this is Social Relationships where we look at being in a team, leadership, bullying, being an “Upstander”, or a “Bystander “ and showing empathy towards others.

In week 2 we have our Parent Interviews on Tuesday 31 July and Wednesday 1 August. I am very much looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible and having the opportunity of elaborating on the recent School Reports and discussing with you, where to next. Mrs. Lyons will also be in attendance to provide further input.

Week 3 sees a visit from Mr. Bogun from Western Heights High School on Wednesday August 8 at 2.00 p.m. to talk to the year 8 pupils about next year.

In week 5 those year 8 pupils planning to attend WHHS next year will spend Tuesday 21 August there for the annual Orientation Day.

Week 8 brings the Rotorua Speech Cup for one student at 5.00p.m. on Tuesday 11 September. This may clash with the Aims hockey tournament that a group of 9-10 of our senior pupils are attending throughout this week, September 10-14.

Art Week will be held in week 9 along with the annual Roto Maths competitions. Week 10 will wrap up the term with our Art Display and yet another term’s demise.

Throughout this term the Homework programme will continue as started last term.

Maths will involve finishing off the Division work from last term, followed by Fractions, Decimals and Percentages and then Problem Solving to align with Roto Maths and if time a start on Geometry.
Mrs. Lyons work on Fridays will cover Statistics and Measurement.

Learning Resources

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