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Term Letter

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Dear Parents

Welcome to term one in Room Rimu. I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas and summer holiday. I am really excited to be working with your child/ren this year. It would be greatly appreciated if all children could have their stationary named and ready by the end of week 1 (Friday 2nd February).

Remember during the summer terms all Kaharoa students need a Kaharoa School hat - $20 from the office. I would also suggest sunburn cream before school every day. We have sunscreen free to use but it is up to children to remember and administer.

Lessons and activities this term will include:

Reading: Rooms Rimu & Rata will be working together for reading this year, beginning week 5. Each teacher will work with a range of levelled groups (made up of a mix of children from both classes) for instructional reading and the other children will be rotating through a variety of independent activities called ‘The Daily 5’. Instructional reading will involve journal stories, articles and poems and follow-up activities focusing on different comprehension strategies.

All children will be encouraged to read at home every day (there is an obvious connection between good readers and the amount of reading done!) This does not need to be recorded as children are expected to manage themselves. Reading at home can be own books, library books or books and journals chosen from the fluency boxes at request.

Library Day is Tuesday, the children are allowed up to 3 books out.

Writing: Descriptive writing, beginning with the children describing themselves in a ‘recipe of me’, then one another, secret places, animals and objects. Letter writing (following camp and to Spanish pen pals) and recounts will follow. Some work will be completed in their ‘Drive’ (Literacy folder) and some will be hand written in books. Regular diary and free writing will be included also.

Maths: Geometry - giving directions, maps, symmetry/reflection, rotation, translation and tessellations. Rooms Rimu & Rata will then work together, with each teacher taking differently levelled groups (following pretests). The second half of term will involve the understanding of place value and large numbers.

Maths Whizz is an interactive self-levelled computer programme that the children may work on at home and we will be using this regularly as a form of maths maintenance in class.

topic Studies: Obedience is our cornerstone value for the term with discussions on how and why to show obedience at home and school (with an extra focus on obedience during camp and class trips).

This term the school-wide focus is our key competency: Managing Self. Rimu will be looking in particular at how this was/is done when gold-mining in the past and now, as our camp is in the mining town of Waihi.

Our class camp this year (in week 4: February 21st – 23rd) will be in Waihi (where I grew up) and I will be introducing the students to the mine and the beach. We have a lovely campsite at Waihi Motor Camp with a combination of cabins and tent sites. More information about the camp will be sent home later in week 1.

Phys. Ed.: Swimming! And some in-class or outside warm ups.

Children need their togs every day to gain safe swimming skills or a note to explain why not. We encourage rash tops for all swimming (these are a must for free lunchtime swims).

HOMEWORK: We are trialling a different format to homework this year. Children will not be bringing home regular sheets, spelling words or basic facts. Instead they can opt to take home a science or maths problem solving task/challenge each week. Sometimes work will come home that needs to be completed or maths tasks may be sent home if a need is noticed. I will also be encouraging all students to participate in the Give it a Go Homework Challenge and we will be regularly going over ideas for completing challenges (a minimum of 2 a term is recommended).
Maria Shoebridge

Thank you

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Upcoming events this term:

‘Meet the Teacher’ afternoon: Thursday 1st February 5:30-6pm (week 1)

Rimu Camp: Wednesday 21st February – Friday 23rd February (week 4)

Swimming Sports: Kaharoa seniors – Wednesday 28th February, Interschool – Friday 2nd March (week 5)

PAT tests: Weeks 6 & 7

Whole School Parent/Teacher Interviews: March 27th & 28th (week 9)

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