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Term Letter

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Dear Parents

Welcome to term two in Room Rimu. It looks like we will have another busy, activity-filled term with lots of extra-curricular opportunities available for those who wish. As I am acting co-deputy principal this term I will be spending one day a week out of the classroom, Mrs Adele Lyons will be in Room Rimu every Wednesday.

Lessons and activities this term will include:

Reading: Rooms Rimu & Rata have decided not to merge together for reading this term. Rimu readers will be in levelled groups, most beginning a group novel in weeks 1 or 2. These novels will remain at school (unless your child gets behind the rest of the group and needs to catch up). We will also be working through some comprehension question cards and looking at the Probe reading tests and how to search for answers to comprehension questions within different texts. Children not working with the teacher will continue to rotate through a variety of independent activities called ‘The Daily 5’.

All children are encouraged to read at home every day (there is an obvious connection between good readers and the amount of reading done!) This does not need to be recorded as children are expected to manage themselves. Reading at home can be own books, library books or books and journals chosen from the fluency boxes at request.

Library Day is changing to Wednesday this term, the children are allowed up to 3 books out.

Writing: Report writing (in the format of news reports), followed by writing to describe and writing to persuade. Mrs Lyons will be teaching specific language skills needed in years 5 & 6 (such as dictionary/thesaurus skills, editing & punctuation and spelling rules).

Maths: Rooms Rimu & Rata will continue our maths class cross-over, working with multi-digit addition & subtraction (using place value knowledge), and then geometry (shapes, solids, lines & angles). Mrs Lyons will be teaching measurement on Wednesdays. Maths Whizz has proved to be an excellent programme so far, children are using this for 15 minutes in class, most days, on a rotation basis. I look at areas of difficulty and individually support students in areas of need when possible. Even greater maths progress can be made when children are able to access this programme at home.

topic Studies: Honesty & Truthfulness is our cornerstone value for the term (with stories like ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’ used to highlight the importance of this value).

Our schoolwide theme is ‘Communication’ where Rooms Rimu & Rata will look at different forms of communication (such as body language, morse code and Egyptian hieroglyphics) and communication technology through time.

We’ll continue our learning of Chinese, te tinana is the Maori focus and we will reply to pen pal letters from Spain.

Phys. Ed.: Large ball skills, cross-country practice and some in-class warm-ups.

Good luck to all those participating in winter sports codes.

HOMEWORK: We will continue our different format to homework this year. Rimu children will not be bringing home regular homework sheets, spelling words or basic facts. However everybody is expected to read at home daily and learn their basic facts (particularly times tables and division). I have a wide range of maths worksheets to help with this if anybody wishes. Students can opt to take home a science or maths problem solving task/challenge each week. Sometimes work will come home that needs to be completed or maths tasks may be sent home if a need is noticed. I am still encouraging students to participate in the Give it a Go Homework Challenge and we will be regularly going over ideas for completing challenges (a minimum of 2 a term is recommended).
Maria Shoebridge

Thank you

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